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[6e8b8f4]1include AUTHORS COPYING VERSION ChangeLog
[655150ce]2include python/
[6e8b8f4]3include Makefile wscript */wscript_build
4include waf
6include nose2.cfg
7include requirements.txt
8include src/*.h
9include src/*/*.h
10include examples/*.c examples/*.h
11include tests/*.h tests/*/*.c tests/*/*/*.c
12include python/ext/*.h
13include python/
14include python/lib/
15include python/lib/
16include python/lib/
17include python/lib/
18include python/tests/run_all_tests
19include python/tests/*.py
20include python/demos/*.py
21include python/tests/*.expected
22include doc/*.txt doc/*.rst doc/*.cfg doc/Makefile doc/make.bat doc/
23include scripts/* scripts/apple/Info.plist scripts/apple/Modules/module.modulemap
24exclude python/gen/*
25exclude python/ext/config.h
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