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[ci] fix azure vmImage field

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[0be7f65]1#  configuration file for azure continuous integration
[46155e50]4- job: linux
5  pool:
[6d82adf]6    vmImage: 'ubuntu-16.04'
[46155e50]7  steps:
8  - script: |
9      make
10    displayName: 'make'
[6f33bad]11    env:
12      CFLAGS: -Werror
[46155e50]14- job: windows
15  pool:
[6d82adf]16    vmImage: 'vs2017-win2016'
[46155e50]17  steps:
18  - script: |
19      make
20    displayName: 'make'
[dbed3ea]21    env:
22      # fail on error
23      CFLAGS: /WX
25- job: macos
26  pool:
[6d82adf]27    vmImage: 'macos-10.13'
[f181953]28  steps:
29  - script: |
[07b47b1]30      brew update
[63a14de]31      brew install pkg-config gnupg
[07b47b1]32      brew install sox ffmpeg libsndfile lcov
[f5b8800]33    displayName: 'brew install'
[07b47b1]34  - script: |
[f181953]35      make
36    displayName: 'make'
[6f33bad]37    env:
38      CFLAGS: -Werror
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