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Command line tools

A few simple command line tools are included along with the library.

  • aubioonset outputs the time stamp of detected note onsets
  • aubiopitch attempts to identify a fundamental frequency, or pitch, for each frame of the input sound
  • aubiomfcc computes Mel-frequency Cepstrum Coefficients
  • aubiotrack outputs the time stamp of detected beats
  • aubionotes emits midi-like notes, with an onset, a pitch, and a duration
  • aubioquiet extracts quiet and loud regions

Additionally, the python module comes with the following script:

  • aubiocut slices sound files at onset or beat timestamps
.. toctree::


.. literalinclude:: aubioonset.txt


.. literalinclude:: aubiopitch.txt


.. literalinclude:: aubiomfcc.txt


.. literalinclude:: aubiotrack.txt


.. literalinclude:: aubionotes.txt


.. literalinclude:: aubioquiet.txt


.. literalinclude:: aubiocut.txt
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