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[88f7cf9]4aubio is a collection of algorithms and tools to label and transform music and
5sounds. It scans or `listens` to audio signals and attempts to detect musical
6events. For instance, when a drum is hit, at which frequency is a note, or at
7what tempo is a rhythmic melody.
[88f7cf9]9aubio features include segmenting a sound file before each of its attacks,
[34abeaf]10performing pitch detection, tapping the beat and producing midi streams from
11live audio.
[34abeaf]16aubio provide several algorithms and routines, including:
18- several onset detection methods
19- different pitch detection methods
20- tempo tracking and beat detection
21- MFCC (mel-frequency cepstrum coefficients)
22- FFT and phase vocoder
23- up/down-sampling
24- digital filters (low pass, high pass, and more)
25- spectral filtering
26- transient/steady-state separation
[88f7cf9]27- sound file read and write access
[34abeaf]28- various mathematics utilities for music applications
30The name aubio comes from *audio* with a typo: some errors are likely to be
31found in the results.
[a96413e]36.. toctree::
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[a96413e]39   installing
40   cli
41   python_module
[a96413e]43Project pages
[a96413e]46* `Project homepage`_:
47* `aubio on github`_:
48* `aubio on pypi`_:
49* `API documentation`_:
50* `Mailing lists`_:
[a96413e]52.. _Project homepage:
53.. _aubio on github:
54.. _aubio on pypi:
55.. _api documentation:
56.. _Mailing lists:
[a96413e]58Current status
[a96413e]61.. image::
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75   :alt: Documentation status
[a96413e]77* `Travis Continuous integration page <>`_
78* `Appveyor Continuous integration page <>`_
79* `ReadTheDocs documentation <>`_
[a96413e]81Copyright and License
[a96413e]84Copyright © 2003-2016 Paul Brossier <>
[a96413e]86aubio is a `free <>`_ and `open source
87<>`_ software; **you** can
88redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the `GNU
89<>`_ `General Public License
90<>`_ as published by the `Free Software
91Foundation <>`_, either version 3 of the License, or (at your
92option) any later version.
[a96413e]94.. Note:: aubio is not MIT or BSD licensed. Contact the author if you need it
95  in your commercial product.
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