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Python module

The aubio extension for Python is available for Python 2.7 and Python 3.

Installing aubio with pip

aubio can now be installed using pip:

$ pip install aubio

Building the module

From aubio source directory, run the following:

$ ./ clean
$ ./ build
$ sudo ./ install

Using aubio in python

Once you have python-aubio installed, you should be able to run python -c "import aubio".

A simple example

Here is a :download:`simple script <../python/demos/>` that reads all the samples from a media file:

.. literalinclude:: ../python/demos/
   :language: python

Filtering an input sound file

Here is a more complete example, :download:` <../python/demos/>`. This files executes the following:

  • read an input media file (aubio.source)
  • filter it using an A-weighting filter (aubio.digital_filter)
  • write result to a new file (aubio.sink)
.. literalinclude:: ../python/demos/
   :language: python

More demos

Check out the python demos folder for more examples.

Python tests

A number of python tests are provided. To run them, use python/tests/run_all_tests.

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