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about.rst 2.6 KB 852fbfe   19 months Paul Brossier [doc] use https
android.rst 336 bytes a4bd8d6   3 years Paul Brossier doc/android.rst: shorten title
aubio.txt 3.7 KB b7208f8   3 years Paul Brossier python/lib/aubio/ improve tempo subcommand description
aubiocut.txt 2.6 KB cd2cbc4   3 years Paul Brossier doc/aubio*.txt: improve -t documentation in aubiocut too
aubiomfcc.txt 2.2 KB dec8b9d   20 months Paul Brossier [doc] update Auditory Toolbox url
aubionotes.txt 4.0 KB 929d76c   19 months Paul Brossier [doc] add -d/--release-drop to aubionotes manual
aubioonset.txt 5.8 KB 29a5e27   3 years Paul Brossier doc/aubio{track,onset}.txt: update --miditap-note to -N
aubiopitch.txt 4.9 KB ffb66f0   21 months Paul Brossier doc/aubiopitch.txt: add note about yinfast
aubioquiet.txt 2.0 KB 7a83a47   4 years Paul Brossier doc/aubio*.txt: document -T/--timeformat option
aubiotrack.txt 3.4 KB 67f16af   3 years Paul Brossier Fix typo
binaries.rst 330 bytes 6f6c336   3 years Paul Brossier doc/: add cheat sheet, clean up
building.rst 3.1 KB 6f6c336   3 years Paul Brossier doc/: add cheat sheet, clean up
cli.rst 1.4 KB e3c83bb   3 years Paul Brossier doc/cli.rst: revamp
cli_features.rst 2.5 KB e3c83bb   3 years Paul Brossier doc/cli.rst: revamp 8.2 KB a172dfe   19 months Paul Brossier [doc] update copyright year
debian_packages.rst 500 bytes 3d8a6c0   21 months Paul Brossier doc/*.rst: use console highlighting
develop.rst 3.9 KB a10cd45   2 years Paul Brossier doc/develop.rst: fix title markup
download.rst 411 bytes 6f6c336   3 years Paul Brossier doc/: add cheat sheet, clean up
full.cfg 270 bytes eff9f71   3 years Paul Brossier doc/full.cfg: derive from doc/web.cfg
index.rst 2.1 KB 60fdc89   3 years Paul Brossier doc/about.rst: add credits page
installing.rst 1.9 KB 09ff6ee   3 years Paul Brossier doc/installing.rst: improve cheats
make.bat 5.0 KB 2394a1c   5 years Paul Brossier doc/: added Makefile and from sphinx
Makefile 5.5 KB 7e78ad8   4 years Paul Brossier doc/Makefile: create and clean _static
python_module.rst 1.9 KB 4583e75   19 months Paul Brossier [doc] remove trailing blank line
requirements.rst 9.6 KB 46b065d1   21 months Paul Brossier doc/requirements.rst: add some blas documentation
statuslinks.rst 840 bytes fb4ab89   22 months Paul Brossier, doc/statuslinks.rst: use latest for commits-since
web.cfg 105.4 KB a1cce65   3 years Paul Brossier doc/web.cfg: update to doxygen 1.8.13
xcode_frameworks.rst 1.8 KB 18373d8   3 years Paul Brossier doc/xcode_frameworks.rst: remove duplicated label
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