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wscript: factorise build of extra source files

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[000b090]1# build examples
3# loop over all *.c filenames in examples to build them all
4for target_name in bld.path.ant_glob('*.c').split():
[04ceeab]5  # ignore utils.c
[2359cbd]6  if target_name in ['utils.c', 'jackio.c', 'sndfileio.c']: continue
[04ceeab]7  bld.new_task_gen(features = 'cc cprogram',
[2359cbd]8      add_objects = 'utilsio',
[740f06b]9      includes = '../src',
10      uselib = ['LASH', 'JACK', 'SNDFILE'],
11      uselib_local = ['aubio'],
[04ceeab]12      source = target_name,
13      # program name is filename.c without the .c
14      target = target_name.split('.')[0])
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