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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
aubio-docstrings.h 4.7 KB f54997c6   21 months Paul Brossier [py] fix typo in dct docstring
aubio-types.h 2.0 KB 7703f2a   2 years Paul Brossier [py] include docstrings for generated classes
aubiomodule.c 11.6 KB df66c37   2 years Paul Brossier [py] alpha_norm and zero_crossing_rate use PyFloat_FromDouble
aubioproxy.c 4.6 KB 911c22f   5 years Paul Brossier ext/aubioproxy.c: fix windows c89 compilation
py-cvec.c 7.5 KB 754a987   2 years Paul Brossier [py] py-cvec uses PyLong_FromLong
py-fft.c 3.8 KB 98927ca   21 months Paul Brossier [py] fix typo in fft docstring
py-filter.c 7.9 KB 673d7e3   21 months Paul Brossier [py] fix reference counting of exception types (thanks @wackou) …
py-filterbank.c 14.6 KB 843b22f   21 months Paul Brossier [py] incref exception type before restoring it
py-musicutils.c 4.7 KB a617bf3   2 years Paul Brossier [py] musicutils also use Pyfloat_FromDouble
py-musicutils.h 8.4 KB bc66f1d   2 years Paul Brossier [py] add meltohz and hztomel with minimal doc
py-phasevoc.c 6.8 KB 3821415   2 years Paul Brossier [py] remove useless check in py-phasevoc.c
py-sink.c 6.5 KB 271434f   21 months Paul Brossier [py] fix typo in sink docstrings
py-source.c 18.4 KB c1c3a99   2 years Paul Brossier [py] fix compilation warning in py-source
ufuncs.c 4.0 KB e3c4d00   2 years Paul Brossier [python] add docstrings to ufuncs
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