source: tests/src/io @ c101fe1

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
test-sink.c 1.1 KB b429b68   7 years Paul Brossier tests/src/io/test-sink.c: improve message
test-source_apple_audio.c 1.1 KB 63fc1df   51 years (none)
test-source_sndfile.c 1.2 KB 535d127   7 years Paul Brossier tests/src/io/test-source_sndfile.c: include config.h
test-source.c 1.4 KB 4865e4b   7 years Paul Brossier src/io/source*: add _do_multi and _get_channels, really downmix apple_audio
test-sink_sndfile.c 1.4 KB 6d3777a   7 years Paul Brossier tests/src/io/test-sink_sndfile.c: include config, fix path
test-sink_apple_audio.c 1.4 KB 63fc1df   51 years (none)
test-source_multi.c 1.7 KB a06ab19   7 years Paul Brossier tests/src/io/test-source_multi.c: fix ho_size option, add channel …
test-source_seek.c 2.4 KB 54e74f0   7 years Paul Brossier tests/src/io/test-source_seek.c: initialize variables
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