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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
doc 24a7764   7 years Paul Brossier doc/xcode_frameworks.rst: add simple swift example
examples 8f0db97   8 years Paul Brossier examples/utils.c: allocate note event once
python f77820d   7 years martin.hermant : rename import Version => this_version
scripts ce49bb5   7 years Paul Brossier comment changes to build_apple_frameworks Signed-off-by: Paul …
src 1eb8c0e   7 years martin.hermant aubio version : aubio-c / aubio-py add git commit support
tests fead41a   8 years Paul Brossier tests/src/utils/test-log.c: improve messages
.appveyor.yml 2.0 KB e087a50   8 years Paul Brossier .appveyor.yml: make nose2 verbose
.gitignore 546 bytes 2470240   7 years Paul Brossier remove doc/_build from git Signed-off-by: Paul Brossier <>
.landscape.yml 67 bytes 58a5fb9   8 years Paul Brossier .landscape.yml: also parse tests
.travis.yml 3.1 KB dae3292   8 years Paul Brossier .travis.yml: add gitter webhook 208 bytes 13344a32   15 years Paul Brossier fix include path
AUTHORS 31 bytes 8beee53   15 years Paul Brossier AUTHORS: use standard list of name/email
ChangeLog 38.2 KB f91d4ac   8 years Paul Brossier ChangeLog?: update for 0.4.4
COPYING 34.3 KB 0b48dcb   15 years Paul Brossier COPYING: update from GPLv2 to GPLv3
Makefile 6.2 KB 5d9b03b   8 years Paul Brossier Makefile: fix chmod for osx 907 bytes 0c3baa73   8 years Paul Brossier exclude full.cfg, include waflib
nose2.cfg 98 bytes 85e0e76   8 years Paul Brossier nose2.cfg: set multiprocess always-on=false (fixes coverage, pass -N … 6.9 KB d24b5c7   7 years martin.hermant github badges : fix alt tooltips
requirements.txt 12 bytes 1167631   8 years Paul Brossier move python/ to, update Makefile, add requirements 2.6 KB b991cc1   7 years martin.hermant change => 3.8 KB 07bfe2d2   7 years Paul Brossier fix pep8 errors
VERSION 150 bytes eef6335   8 years Paul Brossier VERSION: bump to 0.4.5~alpha
wscript 20.4 KB b991cc1   7 years martin.hermant change =>
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