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feature/autosinkfeature/constantqfeature/pitchshiftfeature/pydocstringsfeature/timestretch 0.4.7
Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
doc 3d8a6c0   23 months Paul Brossier doc/*.rst: use console highlighting
examples 5447a26   23 months Paul Brossier examples/parse_args.h: add yinfast to pitch algorithms
python 917adb0   23 months Paul Brossier python/lib/aubio/ fix typo in comment
scripts e561ca7   23 months Paul Brossier scripts/ verify signature if gpg available
src b8c6c1e   23 months Paul Brossier src/fmat.c: using blas, not atlas
tests 52c1de9   2 years Paul Brossier tests/src/spectral/test-dct.c: check reconstruction works
.appveyor.yml 2.0 KB ac26526   2 years Paul Brossier .appveyor.yml: upgrade pip first, always use python -m pip
.coveragerc 35 bytes bdc980b   3 years Paul Brossier .coveragerc: measure branch coverage
.gitignore 591 bytes 9189c42   3 years Paul Brossier .gitignore: also ignore pip-delete-this-directory.txt
.landscape.yml 67 bytes 58a5fb9   4 years Paul Brossier .landscape.yml: also parse tests
.travis.yml 2.9 KB d4a1d0f   2 years Paul Brossier .travis.yml: remove xcode8.2 builds, group osx, add alias pip=pip2 207 bytes cfb7fb7   3 years Paul Brossier remove trailing space
AUTHORS 31 bytes 8beee53   11 years Paul Brossier AUTHORS: use standard list of name/email
ChangeLog 46.5 KB f49cf4c   23 months Paul Brossier ChangeLog?: update to 0.4.7
circle.yml 257 bytes 6bfe534   3 years Paul Brossier circle.yml: add basic config
COPYING 34.3 KB 0b48dcb   11 years Paul Brossier COPYING: update from GPLv2 to GPLv3
Makefile 7.0 KB a2b6523   3 years Paul Brossier Makefile: build python against libaubio to get all coverage 931 bytes 27fdf81   3 years Paul Brossier ship
nose2.cfg 98 bytes 85e0e76   4 years Paul Brossier nose2.cfg: set multiprocess always-on=false (fixes coverage, pass -N … 4.0 KB fb4ab89   2 years Paul Brossier, doc/statuslinks.rst: use latest for commits-since
requirements.txt 12 bytes 1167631   4 years Paul Brossier move python/ to, update Makefile, add requirements 2.6 KB 38f3d04   3 years Paul Brossier clarify pip/aubio versions 4.2 KB ddc9733   3 years Paul Brossier add options to get only libaubio or python-aubio version
VERSION 144 bytes f16a85c   23 months Paul Brossier VERSION: bump to 0.4.7 1.8 KB 18ec142   3 years Paul Brossier move to own file
wscript 25.1 KB 3a6a7766   23 months Paul Brossier wscript: no CI files in tarball
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