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     12013-12-08  Paul Brossier <>
     3        * Overdue: After more than five years of development behind the curtain,
     4        time has come to release a new version of aubio.
     6        * General: The library has been completely revised since 0.3.2. The API has
     7        seen a major clean up, and has been thoroughly tested. The following list of
     8        changes is not exhaustive.
     10        * Memory management: allocation and freeing of memory has been optimized in
     11        many ways. Several memory leaks and out of bound access have been fixed.
     13        * Optimization: the FFT, central to most algorithm, can now be computed
     14        using different optimized algorithms, depending on what is available on your
     15        platform (FFTW, Ooura, or vDSP). Other simple optimization tricks are
     16        included. Most can be deactivated by configuring the build accordingly.
     18        * python/: The python interface has been completely rewritten to use numpy C
     19        interface, making the aubio python module order of magnitudes faster than
     20        the previous version. Several demos and tests are included.
     22        * src/: source and header files are now organized in sub-directories.
     24        * src/io/source.h: new source readers can now use any or all of libav,
     25        CoreAudio, and libsndfile. This means that aubio can now easily read most
     26        uncompressed and compressed formats. Compiled with libav, aubio can also
     27        read audio from video files, and over the network.
     29        * src/io/sink.h: a new sink object lets you write wav files with any number
     30        of channels, at any samplerate, using libsndfile or CoreAudio.
     32        * src/onset, src/tempo/, src/pitch: the different methods for onset, tempo,
     33        and pitch extraction have seen many bug-fixes and optimizations.
     35        * src/spectral/specdesc.h: new onset distances and statistical measures have
     36        been added.
     38        * src/spectral/filterbank.h: new filter bank to compute the energy in any
     39        custom-defined frequency bands.
     41        * src/spectral/mfcc.h, examples/aubiomfcc.c: a standard implementation of
     42        the Mel-Frequency Cepstrum Coefficients algorithm has been added.
     44        * src/temporal/{a,c}_weighting.h: standard implementation of the C-weighting
     45        and A-weighting pre-processing filters are now provided for most commons
     46        sampling rates.
     48        * src/synth/wavetable.h, src/synth/sampler.h: provide basic ways to generate
     49        some sounds.
     51        * src/fvec.h: fvec_t, the vector object central to most aubio algorithms, is
     52        now single channel. This simplifies the code of each algorithm greatly.
     54        * src/lvec.h: lvec_t provides a double precision vector, required for some
     55        operations to avoid floating point overflow
     57        * src/fmat.h: fmat_t provides a single precision matrix, useful for
     58        multi-channel operations and to some algorithms such as the spectral filter
     59        bank.
     61        * examples/: several new options, including new programs, have been
     62        included. Refer to the documentation for details.
     64        * tests/: several tests and examples programs have been added. This should
     65        be a good place to look at to understand how to use aubio.
     67        * doc/web.cfg: a simplified Doxygen configuration produces a simpler html
     68        documentation.
     70        * doc/*.txt: the manpages have been rewritten for txt2man.
     72        * Build system: the build system has been switched from autotools/automake
     73        to waf. Type './waf' or see for instructions on how to use waf.
    1752006-11-10  Paul Brossier <>
    276        * check c compiler for -Wextra option
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