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Feb 7, 2019, 4:46:22 PM (5 years ago)
Paul Brossier <>
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     12018-12-19 Paul Brossier <>
     3        [ Overview ]
     5        * VERSION: bump to 0.4.9
     6        * library: improve stability, fixing potential crashes and memory leaks on
     7        invalid arguments; improve library messages and reporting of system errors
     8        * tests/: major clean-up, check return codes, increase code coverage
     9        * python/tests/: switch to pytest (closes gh-163), check emitted warnings
     10        * python/: add pages to manual with brief descriptions of classes
     12        [ Fixes ]
     14        * security: improve arguments validation in new_aubio_filterbank (prevent
     15        possible null-pointer dereference on invalid n_filters, CVE-2018-19801),
     16        new_aubio-tempo (prevent possible buffer overflow, CVE-2018-19800), and
     17        new_aubio_onset (prevent null-pointer dereference, CVE-2018-19802). Thanks
     18        to Guoxiang Niu (@niugx), from the EaglEye Team for reporting these issues.
     19        * tempo: fix delay_ms methods
     20        * filterbank: fix aubio_filterbank_get_power (thanks to @romanbsd who
     21        also noticed this issue)
     22        * dct: creation fail on negative sizes or invalid accelerate radix,
     23        fix typo in error and warning messages, prevent possible memory leak
     24        * pitch: prevent null pointer dereference in yinfast, comment out unused
     25        functions in mcomb and yin, prevent possible leak in specacf
     26        * mfcc: always use dct module, strengthen input validation, change
     27        get_{scale,power} to return smpl_t
     28        * specdesc: improve error message
     29        * notes: prevent null pointer dereference
     30        * hist: add validation for size argument, prevent possible leak
     31        * awhitening: use shortest length available (closes gh-216)
     32        * io: add macros to display system errors, add helpers to validate input
     33        arguments of source and sink methods, always clean-up after failure
     34        * source: validate input sizes to prevent invalid reads
     35        * apple_audio: use native format conversions in source and sink, prevent
     36        possible apple_audio crash on empty string, get_duration returns 0 on failure
     37        * ffmpeg/avcodec: prevent deprecation warnings, read after close, and skipped
     38        samples warnings, improve warning messages, only show a warning when
     39        swr_convert failed, prevent possible memory leak when closing swr context
     40        * wavwrite: copy to all channels if needed, check fseek and fwrite return
     41        values, call fflush in open to return failure on full disk-system
     42        * source_sndfile: fix reading sizes when resampling, set error message when
     43        reading after close
     44        * aubio_priv.h: include blas first (see gh-225), add STRERROR macros
     46        [ Python ]
     48        * documentation: add pages to manual, add minimal docstrings for fft,
     49        digital_filter, and generated objects, improve specdesc documentation
     50        * filterbank: add get_norm/power documentation
     51        * source: take a copy of the last frame before resizing it, raise an
     52        exception when read failed, fix compilation warning
     53        * fixes: remove unneeded check convert with PyFloat_FromDouble or
     54        PyFloat_FromDouble, check if sink, digital_filter, were created before
     55        deleting
     57        [ Tests ]
     59        * python/tests/: switch to pytest (slightly slower than nose2 but better at
     60        capturing warnings and parametrization), improve coding style and coverage.
     61        Tests should now be run with `pytest`.
     62        * tests/: Each test program in C must now return 0, otherwise the test will
     63        fail. Examples have been modified to run themselves on a test audio file,
     64        but can still be run with arguments. Tests for `source` and `sink` have been
     65        factorised, and some code cleaning. A python script is used to create a
     66        test sound file. Tested on linux, macos, and windows, improvements to
     67        test-mfcc (closes gh-219).
     69        [ Build system ]
     71        * waf: upgrade to 2.0.14, check the return code of each test program,
     72        update rules to build manual and api documentation into build/, check
     73        for errno.h
     74        * osx: use -Os in scripts/build_apple_frameworks
     75        * Makefile: improve coverage reports
     76        * appveyor, travis, circleci: switch to pytest, set one travis config to use
     77        sndfile only
     78        * travis: add py3.6, drop py3.4, use py3.5 to test debug mode
     79        * azure: add basic configuration
    1812018-11-21 Paul Brossier <>
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