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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Severity Owner Status Created
#1 pd plugin won't load on Mac OS X plugins 0.3.2 defect blocker Paul Brossier assigned Mar 10, 2007
#22 [PATCH] gst-aubio doesn't compile against aubio HEAD. corelib 0.3.2 defect blocker Paul Brossier new Feb 2, 2011
#3 finish new numpy interface python 0.3.2 defect minor new Mar 13, 2007
#10 yinfft should not do spectral weighting corelib 0.3.2 defect minor Paul Brossier assigned Nov 16, 2009
#18 implementation of error checking for memory allocations corelib 0.3.2 enhancement normal Paul Brossier new Jan 31, 2011
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