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This page lists the instructions to build the aubio library and the different tools. See the Download page to fetch the latest version of the source code.


aubio is written in C. The current version of aubio depends on:

  • libsndfile, the sound file access library from Erik de Castro Lopo
  • libsamplerate, the re-sampling library, also from Erik
  • FFTW, the Fastest Fourier Transform of the West, from the Steven G. Johnson et al. at MIT

The following dependencies are optional:

  • JACK, Jack Audio Connection Kit, for real-time audio input/output on linux and macosx
  • ALSA, for midi output from aubionotes
  • Swig, to build modules for languages supported by SWIG (perl, java and many more)
  • Python, to build and use the python scripts provided in the python directory.

Note: on a debian system, the required dependencies can be obtained using:

# apt-get build-dep aubio