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  • various onset detection functions and real time peak-picking
  • various pitch detection functions
  • beat tracking algorithm (tempo detection)
  • transient and steady state separation



A few examples of applications are provided in examples/ and python/:

  • aubioonset

outputs the onset detected

  • aubionotes

uses both onset and pitch to extract symbolic music data from an audio source and emit MIDI like data.

  • aubiocut

a python script that takes an input sound and creates one new sample at each detected onset or beat. The slices produced by aubiocut are useful for use with a sequencer such as Hydrogen.

  • aubiopitch

a python script to extract pitch tracks from sound files

Who uses aubio?


It is possible to use aubioonset from within audacity, but this requires patching the audacity source code, and rebuilding it. For more informations, see the README in the plugins/audacity directory.

If you are not familiar with this kind of operation, you can just load the text file produced by:

  $ aubiocut -i file.wav > file.txt