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    99The aim of this project is to provide these automatic labeling features to other audio softwares. Functions can be used offline in sound editors and software samplers, or online in audio effects and virtual instruments.
    11 = Get Started =
     11aubio has been built to be used by audio developers to add high level feature extraction to their softwares. Because these tasks are difficult, we thought it was important to gather them in a dedicated library. To increase the fun, we have made these algorithms work in a causal or almost causal way, so as to be used in real time applications with as low delay as possible.
    13 [[Image(, nolink, left, margin-left: 5em, margin-right:10px)]]
     13= Features =
     15Functions implemented in the library include:
     17    * various onset detection functions and real time peak-picking
     18    * various pitch detection functions
     19    * beat tracking algorithm (tempo detection)
     20    * transient and steady state separation
     22= Implementation =
     24aubio is written in C. The functions can be called from C++, and a wrapper has been written using [ SWIG]. The python interface is already usable, and it would probably be a matter of seconds to add access to the other languages supported by SWIG (including perl, java and many more).
     26Currently, [ aubio] depends on [ libsndfile], [ libsamplerate] and [ FFTW]. On Linux platforms, aubio can be built using JACK, and ALSA.
     28= See Also =
     30 - References
     31 - ProjectsUsingAubio
     32 - RelatedProjects
     33 - Examples
     34 - FAQ
     36= Hands on =
    1438[wiki:Features Features] - where we are [[BR]]
    1539[wiki:Goals Goals] - where do we want to be [[BR]]
    1640[wiki:Screenshots Screenshots] - a quick look at the current status
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    2242[wiki:Download Download] - grab the latest package, source code or SVN revision [[BR]]
    2343[wiki:Build Build] - build and installation instructions [[BR]]
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    2945[/trac/newticket File a bug] - File a bug report (or add a comment about an [/trac/report/1 existing bug]) [[BR]]
    3046[wiki:Discuss Discuss] - Subscribe to a mailing list or contact us [[BR]]
    3147[wiki:Develop Develop] - Submit patches, work on the code, contribute
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    37 Theme kindly borrowed from [ Diva-Project]
     49= License =
     51aubio is a free and open source software released under the GNU/GPL license.
     53= Mailing-list =
     55The project has a mailing list: You can subscribe to the list by writing a mail to
     57= Contact =
     59Send bug reports about the web site or the mailing list directly to Paul Brossier. Feedback is most welcome.